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Earth Day…Ok

I had a post half written for you. I had been working on it since this afternoon. I even looked up the word ‘oppositional’ in order to make sure I was using it in the right context and spelled it correctly. You’re Welcome. Unfortunately, my dear sweet husband decided to commandeer my facebook account and write all about how much I love him in my status, then he closed down the internet so that I couldn’t change it right away. That particular internet window also had blogger open… with the half written blog post… that I didn’t save. Thanks honey. Love ya too.

So instead of the post I was going to share with you, I give you…

A celebration of earth day

with photo’s of God’s wonderful creation. I took these photo’s today while James and I were out galavanting without children! So many times, I’ve wanted to stop along the highway on my way to work to take pictures. The sunrise this morning was breathtaking and it was everything I could do not to stop on the side of the road and pull out my camera. (Yes, I take my camera with me everywhere; even to work) The sunrise was just coming up over the mountains in the east. The sky was covered in billowing clouds. The suns rays hit the clouds and scattered them across across the sky. The tips of the mountains were ablaze in orange light and faded into pink as it reached the clouds. It was so beautiful and I wish I could have stopped for a picture. Or a 100.

Instead, James and I just happened to be driving along the same highway I travel to go to work, but I wasn’t driving. I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. Enjoy



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