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There once lived a mom who lived in a house full of boys. It started with just one, the love of her life; but quickly became 2. The new babe fit so well into this family, but years down the road they discussed adding a little femaninity to the mix; or at least, that’s what they were hoping for. ‘But God’ had other plans and blessed this mom with yet another boy. Bringing the boy talley up to 3. More years passed, and it was decided that FIL should be added to the daily mix as well. Now this mom is living with 4 boys.

They smell weird and make funny noises from orafaces that are better left to the imagination. The little boys pick their noses and eat the treasure within. The big boys play video games and curse at the t.v.; and mom? She wouldn’t have it any other way. (except for the cursing, she’s threatened lives and snacks if it continues)

As Gary, John and I were walking into church one Sunday morning, I was holding John’s hand as he walked on my right and Gary’s hand as he walked on my left. Gary looked up at me (he was a few years younger then, so looking ‘up’ was still possible) and said, “Mommy, you’re boy trapped!” How right he was.

So, welcome to boytrapped! It’s not quite my own domain, but I like it!

And a huge thank you to Becca for designing my banner and my soon to be button and my business cards!

Oh yea, I’m like a profossional and stuff!

I hope you like the changes! After this weekends conferance and the recovery period, I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share as I learn more about this whole blogging thing!



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