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Bloggy Boot Camp part 1

It’s been an amazing day. I met so many awesome women (and some men). I got to meet Becca who’s just amazing in real life as she is on her blog. Melanie is a fellow seamstress (only way better then me!) and quite possibly loves Dt. Dr. Pepper more then me. I got to meet SheyB; you know, the camera strap girl! 

There were so many great, amazing, awesome, fantastic women, bloggers, moms there; I couldn’t even begin to name them all. I’m so thankful that my wonderful husband wouldn’t let me back out when I begged him. Oh yes, I begged; I pleaded; I promised sexual favors if only he’d let me not go to this thing. He would.not.budge! And I am so glad he didn’t.

I have lots to share with you, but my brain is fried and a headache has claimed the rest of my evening. I hear John wheezing behind me, so I’m hoping a dose of albuteral takes care of that; and a dose or two or three of advil will take care of my headache.

If none of this made sense, so sorry. I’ll work on better content tomorrow.



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