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I am a Bath Junkie

When I was a kid, there was a commercial on tv that I still remember today. They had a slew of kids telling the audience what they wanted to be when they grew up.

~Little boy says “I want to be a fireman when I grow up!” Little girl says “I want to be a ballerina when I grow up” Voice over comes on with a picture of a man smoking and says “Nobody ever says they want to be a junky when they grow up”~

Obviously, they’ve never heard of Bath Junkie. I won a gift certificate from Becca to this fabulous store. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t too thrilled about this giveaway. They have bath products for crying out loud. I have plenty of bath products at home! Oh, how wrong I was! Becca, Melanie, Pauline and I visited the store before they left to go back to Tuscon.

When you walk into the store, the first thing you see is this. This is a scents bar. It’s like heaven in little blue bottles of scented liquid. More on that later.

The nice sales lady

Pitched us a demonstration of 2 of their products. She led us towards these beautiful sinks that I am now coveting. I need this sink in my bathroom.

She poured warm water into our hands then scooped this goop into our palms. She said to rub our hands together like we were washing them. It kinds felt like washing my hands with sand and didn’t see the benefit of it because sand is dirty. She poured more water onto our hands to wash the sandy goop off, but didn’t let us dry them yet. She then sprayed another goop (this one didn’t feel like sand, so I felt a little better about this one) into our hands and told us to rub it in like lotion. When there was no more rubbing to be done, she handed each of us a towel to dry our hands off with. This was my turning point from upstanding citizen to Bath Junkie. My hands were so soft and smooth and had just the slightest hint of perfume to them. I was hooked.

The sales lady told us their store worked. All the bath products are completely customizable.

Step 1: You pick your bath product.

Most of the containers are empty because they fill them right there in the store. I chose the body scrub and body dessert, because I was so impressed with them.

Step 2: Pick your scent.

We spent a lot of time playing with the different scents. They have books and binders of different things you can mix together to make a certain scent. The lady made “birthday cake” for us, and I wanted to sniff the little piece of paper all day long!

Melanie grabbed one of the books and started mixing the different flavors herself. I think she went through the entire book while we were there. We decided she should open her own store in Tucson!

Step 3: Making the bath products and adding color.

Really, did you think I would choose something other then green? This is me we’re dealing with!

Before she put the finished scrub back into the tub, she let me sniff it!

I even let someone else touch my camera *GASP*

Since Becca was a seasoned Bath Junkie, she all ready knew what she wanted; a bath ball.

So her and I wandered the store looking at all the other stuff they had.

These are soaps in the shape of fortune cookies. So Cute

Bath salts in an ice cream cup. Love it!

And what would a bath store be without ducks?

Except, not all of them were this cute. They also had evil ducks.

Monkey ducks, zebra ducks, tiger ducks, lion ducks. Even an elephant duck that we lovingly named Elephaduck. I just now thought of another name for that duck, but this is a family friendly blog, so I won’t say it. I’ll just say, remove the a and d from the middle.

So, thank you Becca

For making a Bath Junkie out of me.

And thank you Melanie

And Pauline

For turning into Bath Junkies with me!

Oh, something else I learned when we went to the Yard House for lunch.

Did you know when you order ice tea from the menu, you’re actually ordering Black Tea? I did not know that until yesterday. Now, we’ve all learned something new!

(In the interest of full disclosure, 1. I did not get paid in any form by Bath Junkie to promote their store or their products and 2. The commercial mentioned above is for a drug free America from I don’t even know how long ago. I am an advocate of a drug free America; so don’t do drugs. And if you are, then stop. Unless it’s legal, then drug away according to your doctors instructions.)



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