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A baptism… of sorts

I’m being lazy today, so I’m posting some pictures from summer of 2007. I know it sounded like I was going to post something from the archives of my blog, but I’m not that lazy… yet.

I was going back through my pictures on Photobucket, and found these pictures and came up with a story for them.

John: “Hey mama, how do you get to heaven?”

Gary: “Oh, I’ll tell him mom! Can I tell him? You see John, first you have to accept Jesus in your heart.”

John: “Ok, got that. Anything else?”

Gary: “Yes, then you have to be baptized!”

John: “Baptized? What’s that?”

Gary: “Here, I’ll show you!”

John: “Really? That’s it?”

Gary: “Well, that’s how some churches do it, but I think in your case, you need full submersion.”

John: “Wha….”

Gary: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

John: “Look Ma! I’m saved!”

Gary: “Will you baptize me now?”

John: “No.”

Gary: “Fine, I’ll do it myself!”

(In the interest of full disclosure… what is up with all these disclosures lately? Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure this conversation did not actually happen. I made it up as I went along! I have no idea what they were doing or why Gary was trying to submerge John, but obviously Gary wasn’t too successful. Also, I’m pretty sure a 1 year doesn’t understand the concept of heaven. Come to think of it, that 1 year old who is now 4 still doesn’t understand the concept of heaven.)



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