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Not Me Monday – Photoshoot edition

It wasn’t me who took our darling boys to the park so they could play. Nope, I took them so I could take their pictures.

Of course, our children are always happy to have their picture taken.

I did not have to bribe them with Rice Krispy Treats that I had made earlier that day in order to elicit this photo.

They’re never uncooperative.

I didn’t tell John to lean back onto his brother while his brother was strewn between 2 slides at a precarious angel.

After such a wonderful time at the park with the most perfect little boys ever, I’m not thinking about going back to the park to retake their photo’s using these benches; especially now that they’ve had haircuts.

Oh, and this conversation that happened on Saturday between Gary and John did not remind me of my own childhood growing up:

Gary: Mom, John’s picking his nose.

Mom and Dad: So

Dad: It’s his nose, let him pick it.

Gary: But it’s gross and I don’t want to look at it.

James: So don’t look at him.

Gary: But I want to look out his window.

James: Then you’ll have to deal with looking at him while he picks his nose.

A few minutes later

John: Mom, Gary’s looking out my window.

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