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The great headboard debate

On Friday, I posted a picture of a bedroom that I was drawing inspiration from as well as the picture my husband sent me in response to my inspiration. We are on two completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to design and decorating, and to be honest, we’re like this on many other issues as well.

(off topic, but thought I’d share because I have A.D.D. and I can) I’ve heard, in astronomical terms, that Libra’s and Aries should not be together because they are too different; but I disagree. Our differences are what make us stronger. What I lack in organization, order, and logical thinking, he picks up in abundance. What he lacks in creativity and thinking outside the box, I pick up in abundance. Ahem – see that dear? You & no creativity + Me & Lots of creativity = I should get the final say in our bedroom décor.

Anyway, I have to say I’m loving my readers today. You all, or most of you, responded in my favor. So, thank you! Becca, I’m thinking you need to get your eyes fixed though. I still don’t see the similarities in the two pictures. Maybe you can point it out to me? But the big, sarcastic thank you, goes to Rachel. Rachel, I’m glad you’re on my side with this issue and all, but did you have to mention the INFLATABLE headboard? Really? My husband reads my blog and the comments. He even comments himself on rare occasions. To my knowledge, he wasn’t planning on commenting on this post at all, until he read yours. Now, he’s inspired.

Do you see what I have to put up with?

Um… No. Just no. The headboard:

I mean, besides being ugly, I can see how this will go down:
The headboard will be purchased and sit in our garage for a month. After my husband cleans out the garage, he’ll be inspired to put the thing up and moves it to our bedroom; where it will sit for another month. Finally, I’ll get tired of staring at the ugly box and while everybody else is out of the house I’ll get to work setting it up. I’ll use the electrical pump to blow it up. Then, using the tools provided in the box, I’ll hang the headboard up. Unfortunately, Target does not sell quality material, so the headboard will not stay. I’ll rack my brain to think of ideas on how to keep the inflatable monstrosity up. After I’ve exhausted all possibilities, I’ll grab my husband’s staple gun and staple the damn thing to the wall. Sure, it’ll be flat, but it’ll be up! Then, in pure frustration, I’ll run to the adult toy store, buy an inflatable doll, blow her up, and staple her head to the inflatable headboard. I’ll leave a post it note on her boob that says, “Dear James, I love you, but I can’t live with someone who has an affinity for inflatable’s. So, enjoy.”

I think I should have used Michelle’s idea and just promised sexual favors to get my way. Hey honey, if you let me have my headboard, I promise you sex on the first night it’s completed!

PS. I sent this to my husband before posting it to make sure he wouldn’t be offended (I’m nice like that) because he seemed offended by the previous one. His response:

“I wasn’t offended at Friday’s post, I just didn’t find it to be funny. This will, however, be funny, especially if I get an inflatable headboard!”

You are not getting an inflatable headboard.

PPS. Becca’s been nominated for May’s hot blogger calendar. So go vote for her!



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