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I ♥ faces but I do not ♥ yellow

It’s i heart faces time again! This weeks theme is yellow!

I had a hard time with this one because yellow is one of my least favorite colors. Yellow is the color of the sun that shines a little too brightly at 5am on my way to work and reminds me of the AZ summers that eventually turn my pasty white skin red. So, yellow = red for me. Anyway, on to my picture.



I heart faces – faces and flowers

This weeks theme at i heart faces is faces and flowers. As usual, I went in search of my favorite subjects. After many failed attempts, I got this one!

After about the 100th picture, he said “All done with pictures.”

For more i heart faces fun, head on over and check out all the other entries this week!


I heart faces – Dramatic Black & White

I was a little confused with this weeks i heart faces challenge. They asked for a dramatic black and white photo and I just don’t know what that means. I messed around with a photo I took of John last month, but just didn’t think it was what Amy and Angie had in mind. I uploaded it to facebook and had my fb friends take a poll on whether it was dramatic. My mother in law said that he looked like I was going to beat him. So not nice. So, I grabbed my camera and went in search for my boys. (Do you see a running theme here? I seem to always be looking for them as if I don’t know where they are.) I found them in the front yard playing with the neighbor kid and a raquetball. The sun was just going down, so I faced the sun and had Gary face me with the ball. This is the shot I got.



I heart faces – Angles

This week at i heart faces, they are focusing on angles.

For my entry, I grabbed my camera and went in search for my boys. I found them in the backyard jumping on the trampoline. Perfect! I laid down and snapped pictures while they jumped. I made them sit next to eachother while I jumped. PS – jumping with a camera in your face is not a smart idea. Just saying. The results weren’t what I was looking for for this weeks challenge, but I did get a very cute picture of them together! I looked around the backyard in search of something. I didn’t know what, but I needed something to help me get a good ‘angle’ shot. Thankfully, my father in law was painting the back of the house and brought home a giant ladder from work. I set it up next to the trampoline and climbed up to the top. I snapped a bunch of photo’s while they jumped, sat, laughed, threw their shirts over the net… snapped photo’s of James threatening to shake the ladder. As I was finishing up my photoshoot, the boys had gotten bored and were off doing something else. I climbed down from the ladder and found John playing on the backporch table. The table has a hole in the middle of it where an umbrella would go, and he was shoving his cars through the whole. I climbed underneath the table, prayed the glass wouldn’t break and told John to look through the hole. And now, here’s my entry!

I’ll post the other photo’s that I took for this weeks challenge in my next post. If you want to check them out, just click on the ‘home’ button above!


I heart faces – jump for joy


This week it’s Jump for Joy over at i heart faces. I didn’t have any jumping photo’s to enter as of Sunday night and was determined to get a photo for this weeks contest. I figured it would be super easy since I have little boys and a trampoline. I was sorely mistaken. The cold and the rain had dashed my hopes of getting the photo I wanted. When I talked to James about my disappointment, he rolled his eyes and jokingly responded “Just let them jump on the bed!” Great idea!

I knew I kept him around for a reason!


I heart faces – hands

It’s hands week over at I heart faces. This is my entry for this week.

I had so much fun editing this photo. I snapped this picture of my boys and a friends daughter as they washed their hands before dinner.


I heart faces – texture

I had entirely too much fun editing this photo of my niece Miss V today. I took this picture right after church and fell in love with it. After reading many Photo Friday fix it’s at I heart faces, I finally got the shadows right. Then added some texture for a whimsical look. Did I achieve it? I have no idea, I’m not even much of a photographer. I took this photo with my cell phone!