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Not Me Monday – Photoshoot edition

It wasn’t me who took our darling boys to the park so they could play. Nope, I took them so I could take their pictures.

Of course, our children are always happy to have their picture taken.

I did not have to bribe them with Rice Krispy Treats that I had made earlier that day in order to elicit this photo.

They’re never uncooperative.

I didn’t tell John to lean back onto his brother while his brother was strewn between 2 slides at a precarious angel.

After such a wonderful time at the park with the most perfect little boys ever, I’m not thinking about going back to the park to retake their photo’s using these benches; especially now that they’ve had haircuts.

Oh, and this conversation that happened on Saturday between Gary and John did not remind me of my own childhood growing up:

Gary: Mom, John’s picking his nose.

Mom and Dad: So

Dad: It’s his nose, let him pick it.

Gary: But it’s gross and I don’t want to look at it.

James: So don’t look at him.

Gary: But I want to look out his window.

James: Then you’ll have to deal with looking at him while he picks his nose.

A few minutes later

John: Mom, Gary’s looking out my window.

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Not Me! Monday – The evolution of John

Ever since John has been going to this babysitter Nana, at 11 months old, we’ve had a routine. I lay him Nana’s arms, I kiss him on the cheek/forehead/temple and we converse. Our conversation has evolved over the years but the gist of it is pretty consistent.

At 11 months

Me: I love you, John

John: …

Me: Have a good day

John: …

Me: Be a good boy

John: …

At 18 months, when he was conscious it sounded more like this:

Me: I love you, John

John: Blub Bloo

Me: Have a good day.

John: K

Me: Be a good boy.

John: K

Around 2 years old, he started forming real words.

Me: I love you, John

John: Love you

Me: Have a good day.

John: K

Me: Be a good boy.

John: K

The love you broke my heart a little because it meant he’s growing up and getting smarter. He’s one day
closer to not being my baby boy.

At 3 years old, he started to converse back a little more.

Me: I love you, John.

John: Love you too.

Me: Have a good day.

John: Have a good day.

Me: Be a good boy.

John: Be a good boy.

This conversation went on almost every morning for nearly a year. It was so cute and just another example of how John was still my little boy and had a lot to learn. I love it when he’s dependant on me for his (almost) every need.

So this morning, when I dropped John off with Nana and laid him in her arms, it was not me who was, once again, heart broken over my sweet boys choice of words. I do not dread the day my boys don’t need me anymore and step out on their own, and I do not see this conversation as one step closer to that day.

Me: I love you, John.

John: Love you too.

Me: Have a good day.

John: Have a good day.

Me: Be a good boy.

John: Be a good girl. *Wicked smile*

{hold me}

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Not Me! Monday – day after Easter

We did not color Easter Eggs on Saturday only to have the Easter Bunny forget to hide them.

I’m not using the excuse that I’m blogging at work and therefore, do not have access to my pictures as my reason for not including pictures in this weeks Not Me! Monday. It certainly would not have anything to do with my complete lack of motivation in editing the thousands of pictures I’ve taken since getting my DSLR, and I’m not stressing over where exactly I’m going to save all these pictures. (and yes, James and MIL, I have been deleting pictures I don’t like – so there). Nope, that wouldn’t be me. I’m always on top of my photography hobby as I am all my other hobbies.

Which means, the baby blanket that I was working on for my friends baby shower a few weeks ago, is not in the same state of completion as it was when I presented it to her. (and then took it back to finish). The baby blanket is not sitting on my dresser waiting for the border to be sewn on. I am not dreading sewing on the border still because of my complete lack of skill as a seamstress.

I’m not sitting here staring at my trees, trying to recall all the things worthy of Not Me! Monday instead of actually working. Nope. Not Me!

What do you say? Want to join MckMama and all the other Not Me’ers?


Not Me Monday

Good morning Not Me-er’s! This blog carnival is hosted by MckMama. For more Not Me Monday fun, head on over to her blog and check them out!

I have not missed a Not Me Monday for the last 3 weeks in a row. I have not missed due to work obligations getting in the way, and I am not writing today’s post from the comfort of my own home. I enjoy writing a Not Me Monday post and would never miss an opportunity for blog exposure and fun writing.

This week I was not called a butt fart by my 4 year old because I wouldn’t jump on the trampoline with him. My 4 year old has great manners and would never give me cause to laugh so hard with an insult.

It was not me who could be found taking a picture of the beverage dispenser at Long John Silvers. I wasn’t so impressed that they served Diet Mt. Dew that I felt the need to take the picture. I wasn’t rewarded with a weird stare from a very large stranger standing behind me. I didn’t feel the need to explain to him that if I had my professional camera I would have used that instead of my cell phone.

What do you say? Want to join in and tell all what you haven’t been up to?


Not Me! Monday – The random edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was started my MckMama and so much fun. Head on over and read what other moms aren’t doing!

I have not spent every single day playing with my new camera. I have not included something about my new camera in almost every single blog post since getting the new camera and I am not afraid I’m going to lose my readers due to my new obsession with the new camera.

I did not sit on my lazy fat arse all day yesterday watching reruns of Law and Order because it was cold and rainy. I did not allow both my children to do the same thing because I was just too lazy to find something else for them to do. I’m always full of idea’s and fun activities and would never allow their fragile brains to rot like that.

I did not forget that today was casual dress at work and show up in jeans and tennis shoes. I did not use that, along with my sinus headache, as an excuse to leave early. As always, I am a good employee and would never take time off work.

My dear sweet John is an obedient child, so it goes with out question that I did not have to punish him for going outside barefoot when I told him not to. He did not come inside soaking wet from jumping on the trompoline.

Well, I think that’s is for all my whining today. What have you not been up to?


Not Me! Monday – it’s way better then chocolate, flowers and cards combined!

This was my Valentines day gift.

It is way better then flowers or chocolates.

It was not me who spent the better part of my evening reading the manuel and playing with settings. It was also not me who wanted to get through dinner as quickly as possible so that I could return to playing with my camera. Nope. Our friends who were visiting are way more important then some silly old camera and I’m a good hostess.

I did not go to sleep with visions of f-stops and apurtures dancing in my head or wake several times wondering if it were all a dream. I did not get up before everybody this morning just so I could play with my new toy. I’m not that obsessed with it and certainly did not enter several camera accessory giveaways with a comment saying “Does the DSLR come with it?” No, that would have sounded desperate.

Wanna see it again?

It is so beautiful!

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Not Me! Monday – Blogging addition

I’d like to be a successful blogger; one who makes tons of money for writing their thoughts, beliefs and day to day activities down for the whole world to read, so it was not me who did not post anything over the weekend. I try to keep my readers entertained at every turn, with every laugh, and every word that is uttered out of a child’s mouth.

I am not totally confused with HTML and CSS, and therefore not contemplating hiring someone to redesign my blog. So far, this blogging thing has cost me $0 and a few hours of my time; so the idea of spending money to make my blog look pretty seems a bit extreme to me.

I’m also contemplating installing a new comment form, one where I can easily reply to commenters and stay engaged with my readers, but I’m not trying to find a comment form that is not blocked by my work computer. Some comment forms, such as Disques, is blocked and I’m not able to comment on posts where this comment form is in place. I would never read or comment on blogs from work. I’m a good employee and never have down time.

I’m not contemplating following God’s call to use my blog to help others, and now that I’ve written it, I feel even more strongly to follow. I’m not going to leave you hanging, wondering what in the world I’m talking about. That’s just mean.

I do not enjoy comment love, so please – don’t leave me any!

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